Privacy Policy

CasinoWaffle requests you to proceed with the registration only after reading this Privacy Policy page. These policies are crucial for the site and your consent-based assurance to the 3rd party apps. On checking the terms and conditions, you agree to the policies set by CasinoWaffle.

How We Use Your Information?

CasinoWaffle uses all your sensitive online data and information with the utmost care and concern. We ensure to safeguard all the personal data and offer privacy assurance to stay safe from our side, irrespective of whatever cause it may be. You, as a user, have all the authority to voice your option on choosing a set of offers/newsletters accordingly. We, at CasinoWaffle, collect data in the form of cookies and IP address and keep it secured with ourselves. By registering an account with the site, you accept these terms and conditions.

If you have issues with any of these conditions, we request you to discontinue the services.

Cookies Information

Cookies are small packets of data saved on your computer browser tab, which ensures faster loading of your site page. We, at CasinoWaffle, use these cookies to improve and provide better services to the users.

When you browse CasinoWaffle, you are giving us the authority to use cookies. Alternatively, you can modify, delete these cookies that are distinctly possible in any web browsers.

At CasinoWaffle, we use both First-party Cookies and 3rd party Cookies. Several mandatory cookies include Cloudflare, which helps in safeguarding your browsing experience. Other cookies, such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, and many others, are used to collect suitable and productive information.

In the end, the site is not responsible for any cookies accepted/ used by our advertisers/ partners on their websites.

Retention of Personal Data

CasinoWaffle website will retain your data and information for a stipulated period, considering this complies with the data protection policy. With your IP address and cookie-based information, we may use them for over a month, in the case of a person with clear practice. These data play a vital role in helping us to boost and abide by the legal formalities, disputes, and other cases to gather against any legal discrepancies.

In case of changes in the Privacy Policy laid out by the site will be mailed/ informed duly, and the users have a right to accept or deny any set of services post then.

Contact Us

If you have issues or questions against any terms/privacy policies followed by CasinoWaffle, please feel free to drop an email or contact us through the phone.