Barcrest Casino Sites

The Barcrest casino sites that exist today have come from a very long line of game development that started many years ago. This company is now famous for producing some of the most enjoyable and interesting gambling resources on the market today. Between the Barcrest fruit machines and now online casino attractions, this company continues to be on the bleeding edge of gambling in many respects.

Yet, it’s not enough to say that the Barcrest slot casinos are the best. It’s important to contextualize the games within the rich history of the company and look at where they are heading in the future. Starting with a brief history of the company, a fuller picture of Barcrest slots will emerge.

About Barcrest

Barcrest Casinos is one of the oldest gaming companies that has survived the tumultuous history of gambling, the changes in gambling commissions, and the development of new technologies. Founded in 1968, the company was originally designed to make games for bingo clubs, but they quickly grew past that.

Over the next 20 years, Barcrest would develop their fruit machines and become a bigger name than ever as they gained consistent recognition for their interesting slot games. They started selling thousands and then tens of thousands of machines in the 1990s and were soon leading the way for digital gaming. Barcrest was sold to IGT in 1998 and then sold again in 2014 for vast amounts, and it is now a division of Scientific Games where the company continues to thrive and bring new slots attractions to the UK and other nations.

The history of Barcrest casinos is rich, but it is also not finished yet. They continue to move forward with new games and attractions being launched every year.

Features of Barcrest

New Barcrest casinos are being launched with many of the games supplied by the company. If you’re looking into whether or not these particular slots are going to suit your needs, it’s important to look at the features that they are known for producing. Here are a few of the most common aspects of Barcrest games that act as hallmarks for these slots:

  •         Unique, real slot cabinets
  •         Lots of animations
  •         High quality sound effects
  •         High return rates

All in all, there are several things that make the Barcrest slots unique. For one thing, they have a tendency to continue using cabinets to host their slot games. The slots are known around the world for the top of the line quality in terms of animation, sound effects, and general look. However, it also helps that the slots tend to have a high return rate so people can continue to enjoy the slots and not spend all their money in the process.

Popular Barcrest Games

As more Barcrest games sites gain support, the company releases more games. Yet, there are some titles that have gained a following more than others in the world today. Here are some of the most well-known games that have emerged in the latest Barcrest casinos:

  •         Lady of Avalon
  •         Hot Frootastic
  •         Mighty Black Knight
  •         Pearl of the Caribbean
  •         Thai Flower

It’s clear that there is a lot of variety in terms of the subject matter, RTP, and effects that go into the games. Moreover, some of these titles can be played in gaming cabinets and others are available online. The ability of the best Barcrest gambling sites to offer these games is integral to the ongoing success of the slots-maker and their parent company.

Play Barcrest Slots for Real Money

When creating slots that are going to make the Barcrest casino list UK for the top earners, it’s necessary to have games that are interesting and attractive. For some websites, they would like to create games that are free but require tokens to play. However, the top Barcrest casinos are geared towards using these slots to offer their customers the chance to play games that will result in real earnings.

To that end, the majority of the Barcrest slots that are offered online are those which can be played for real money. People can use gambling platforms as a means of having fun and fattening their wallets if they know what they are doing. Offering a great balance of good times and betting ensures that Barcrest will maintain its position as some of the best slots.


Where is Barcrest Licensed?

Everybody likes to play games that are licensed properly so that there is some recourse if something goes wrong. That’s why Barcrest casinos have sought and obtain licenses for gambling through the UK Gambling Commission as well as through Malta Gaming Authority.

Does Barcrest Just Use HTML5?

When Barcrest is developing online games for their various casino companies and partners, they primarily use HTML5 so they can have the greatest applicability to devices. However, the company is also widely known for offering actual gaming cabinets to casinos as well.

Are There Any Free Barcrest Slots?

Yes, there are plenty of free offerings that people can enjoy without having to put money down.

Do They Offer Bonuses on Their Games?

Many times, the bonuses are left up to the site on which the games are hosted. That being said, there is a good chance that at least some of the Barcrest games will have a bonus that you can take advantage of while playing.


Barcrest is a great gaming developer and platform designer that has been around for a very long time. Not many companies are as successful as these are in terms of implementing games, developing new methods of delivery, and keeping up with the market. Essentially, Barcrest has been at the forefront of gambling for the better part of five centuries.

Of course, the ingenuity that they have demonstrated while making new games and keeping a loyal customer base makes Barcrest special. Expect to see them continue to make headlines in the present day and the future as they go on to make more interesting slot games.

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